Syrian Arab republic give great interest for investment and with Arab and foreign investors through modernizing laws, acts, and continuing with administration reform procern the investment.
That was crowned by the decree  no. /57/of 2005 issued by Mr. president basher al assad, leading to establish the industrial cities in(Aleppo- homs- Damascus) which having a commercial and administrative dependence.

This politic and these fundamentals granting the investor high motives and great desire to invest in Syria.
Notification about Syria
Syria is a Mediterranean country known as a cradle of civilizations of the world most religions was emerged in it.
Furthermore, the first alphabet in the world was first known in Syria.
Syria  is distinguished by magnificent degree of stability, and with geographical location distinct by great and various fortunes, it is an agricultural country in which all kinds of plants are available , and a touristic country that all tourist basic factors exist in it, Syria directed to industry in accelerating form, and that happened through raw materials and high qualified human resources availability and strong , competitive economic.
Syria resources were specified in developing the essential structure of the country , building up the economy and improving human efficiencies.
What is the target of establishing the industrial cities
establishing the industrial cities in Syrian Arab republic (Aleppo – sheikh najjar /homs – hesia /Damascus-adra - Der Alzour)  is considered the most important factor in motivating the most important the economical growth , and contributing vastly in pushing the process of development forward where it give chance for the owners of  establishment , factories and the investors interested in industrial field .
in the economical field there is a chance for getting land served with (water –electricity – telephone – roads) with suitable costs profiting from quality of installment for five year. also, factories labors residential lands inside the sity with suitable prices , in addition to all essential services which  needed in the future .
the industrial sector get many advantage from these cities such as:
- ability to obtain all services easily and quickly, that suits the industrial requirements.
-licenses obtanment to establish projects , and decision on subscription of investment low no .8, or a decision on setting up an industrial installation.
- interaction and perfection among kinds of industries by virtue of neighboring and concentrating in one area , which help in convering the requirements.