this includes plots allotted  for setting up of projects and industrial
Enterprises ,and are earmarked for industrialists both natural and legal persons.
Priorities are determined in terms of allotment  and sales are as follows:
1.Owners of projects and industrial enterprises approved by the supreme Investment council in accordance  with law no .10,year 1991 and its amendments, And those who have already  been issued  appropriate licenses.

2. investors of the projects and industrial enter prices  licensed
In accordance  with  the provisions of law no.10  for year 1991 ,who desire to shift
To the industrial city ,or those who have been shifted thereat for security ,environmental or organizational reasons ,as well as the investors  of projects and industrial enterprises from first and second categories ,who are licensed under decree no.2680 for year 1977 and who have been warned of tearing down  their  industrial workshops for the sake of building  public utility  projects  ,or have  been shifted for security  ,environmental or organizational reasons .

3.industrialists who have acquired new industrial licenses from first and second categories.

4. Proprietors of other professions  from the third category ,defined in decree no.2680 for year 1977 ,issued permanent  or  temporary  licenses who have been stipulated to shift to the industrial city . this also includes third-category professions
Recently licensed .the assessment of the possibility of accommodating them is determined by the council of the industrial city.
includes plots earmarked for public utility buildings like fire brigade stations ,civil defense center, substations  and power transmission stations ,water
Supply stations, hospitals, public dispensaries, cemeteries, administrative buildings, police stations ,post and telecommunication offices….etc.
Group( c):
 includes plots earmarked for private investments both partial and
Whole such as shops ,bazaars ,private banks ,tourist enterprises ,private pre-school nurseries ,cinema theaters ,theaters ,exhibition halls and show rooms ,vocational training  centers ,restaurants ,bakeries ,petrol stations ,hotel….etc.
Plots in this group can be allotted to artificial and Syrian ,Arab ,and foreign investors.
includes plots appropriated for construction public services buildings having commercial or invest mental nature such as public banks, branches
Public insurance companies…..etc. these  plots are allotted  to relevant public authorities.
includes plots appropriated for all types of housing and utility projects .plots in this group are allotted to the general housing establishment on stages.
initial and final overall cost and price per square meter for the industrial city for the first stage assessed by competent committee   set  up  for this
Purpose shall be adopted.
in case cost of subsequent stage at the industrial city is increased
As a result of rise in prices of materials ,labor charges and other expenditures ,price per square meter shall be re-assessed by a competent committee set up by the city council.
a-at the end of any stage of the execution of work at the industrial  city ,the city ,the city council shall set up a team of competent   experts ,with the task of determining the actual  cost for  that particular stage and the final price per square meter for the industrial plots. they shall also assess the cost of each of the accomplished plots  based upon their distinctive merits in terms of area ,location and extent of their  benefit from the infrastructure ,in such a way that the total final value of the  plots is equal to the actual cost for that particular  stage .and ,difficult to calculate a particular cost.
b-the actual cost of the city or any of the executed stages shall include the following expenditures:
1. actual expropriation allowances ,compensations paid to respective committees, eviction charges ,destruction of tree and plants ,exiting buildings ,cost of study , topographic &survey work….etc.

2. study and execution as well as maintenance of all infrastructure works including
Electricity ,water, sanitary drainage systems ,roads ,lighting ,parks ,administrative &services buildings pertaining to the industrial city ….etc and wages, compensation ,vehicles of transport of personnel, constitution charges….etc. during the construction period.

4.5%of the total expenditures included in items 1+2+3 above as administrative charges ,advertisement and promotion ….etc.

5.interests on loans ,if any ,and the interests borne by appropriating authority
For any the payments mentioned in items 1&2 above.
investment at group-a plots.
a. plots in this group are designed for investment and sale to the industrialists mentioned in article(1) of this decision ,in accordance with mutually agreed contracts on the basis of the preliminary prices earmarked for each stage subject  to increase and decrease .
payment for value of respective plots is made as follows:

1. one third of the initial value of the plot ,prior to delivery to respective
Industrialists of purchased plot/s .the insurance shall be regarded as part of the value of the purchased plot.

2. two thirds of the initial value of the plot, payable on 10 biannual installments
With an increase  of 5% per annum on the paid installments. the first installment
Shall be paid six months from the date of allotment ,and the number of installments can be increased  in accordance with the approval of the minister of local administration& environment .
b.the city council may propose other investment policies for these plots such as rentals ,partnerships….etc. under a special system endorsed  by the minister of local administration & environment .

Article(6):final price per square meter for the plots as well as their final value at the end of each stage shall be determined in accordance with article no.4 of this decision .and ,the price for the first stage shall be fixed during the first quarter of year
2006 at the price determined does not exceed 25% of  the initial price per square meter.
 insurance premium shall be fixed as 4% of the price of the land purchased
by the respective industrialist ,and must not exceed sp 30,000.
Subscription fee is sp 1000.
sale of the industrial plots shall be advertised at the time of exaction of the infrastructure works .the relevant advertisement shall be made in accordance with a decision issued by the city council for each stage at the premises of the industrial city a in one of the newspapers  in the capital  and the electronic media facilities. A copy of the advertisement shall be circulated to the respective governorate or province ,with copies sent  to both chambers of commerce and industry .another copy shall also be
Sent to the other concerned authorities .the advertisement  must  include the number of plots, their area ,type of industry ,initial price per  square meter ,insurance  premium, submission of application.

 the subscription (purchase)application must include the following documents:
1.acopy of the id card or passport .
2.a certified copy of the regular license issued by the concerned authority in Accordance with the provision of article (1) of this decision. official receipt regarding settlement  of insurance premium by the concerned
Industrialist ,stating amount and date of payment .
4.A form  prescribed by the management of the industrial city  duly filled out by the investor. This form must contain the following information:
A.  full name of the industrial according to his id ,as well as date of prescription .
B. chosen domicile including detailed address ,telephone number ,fax and e-mail address ,if any.
C. area desired for purchase .
D .type of industry and volume of water ,electricity and telephone lines required .
E.A declaration stating that the concerned investor has examined the layouts,
System of structural works ,system of investment and the  regulation pertaining
To the industrial city, as well as a specimen of the contract he should sign in case he has been allotted a plot. He must pledge to be committed to carrying out all the obligations provided for in the contract .
F. An undertaking by the subscriber or his legal representative that he shall be committed to contact the management of the industrial city at the beginning of .
Every month (during the first five days of each month),effective from the beginning of the month following subscription ,and that he shall submit a written request to verify as to whether his application has been approved or refused ,and to allot him the land in case of approval .the management of the industrial city shall provide an early written reply ,be it positive or negative.
Should the industrial concerned  fail to contact the management ,the council of the industrial city shall have the right to defer his allotment or cancel it without advance notification.
G. An undertaking by the subscriber whereby he shall be obliged to commit himself to the building license and to commence the construction works within six months from the date of plot allotment .he must also be committed to complete the building and investment of his enterprise within the period specified at the licensing decision .any violation of these commitments ,shall give the right to the city council to cancel his allotment and  prevent his compensation for the built facilities ,except in cases deemed appropriate by the city council.

H. an undertaking by the subscriber to pay an advance payment of 15% of the
Value of the land he has subscribed to prior to the  date fixed for appropriation .
And in case of failure to honor his commitment ,allotment shall be cancelled and the insurance premium shall be confiscated .

I. an undertaking by the subscriber pledging commitment to the license for building a percentage of at least 70% at the ground floor out of the allowed area for that floor, and that his built facilities at the ground floor should represent 55 % of the area licensed for construction as a first phase on condition that construction of the allowed area be completed  later on.
Any other subject contrary to this shall be out up to the city council for appropriate decision.

J. An undertaking by the subscriber not to use the allotted land for purposes other than the prescribed industry    (engineering  ,foodstuffs,  textiles ,chemicals) exclusively licensed for that purpose .he shall not be permitted to sell, relinquish, or rent out part or rent out or the whole land until after completion of construction and investment as per type of licensing ,otherwise the concluded contract shall be considered null and void ,the allotment cancelled  and the insurance premium shall be confiscated in favour of industrial city council shall decide on certain force major cases.

K. Any other requirements deemed necessary by the city council such as number of workers ,project capital …..etc.
:A. subscription application shall be to the concerned  official at the offices of the industrial city, and all application for the different industries including chemical, food stuff, textile , and engineering industries must be entered into a master register which includes the following details:
Serial number ,full name ,date of subscription, type of industry, number  and date of license …..etc

B.the pages of the master register must be numbered with the following words printed on the first page thereof:( this register was opened  on…./…./and consists of …..pages) name.
And signature of the official  concerned and the head of competent department ,and must be signed and stamped by the director general of the industrial city.

C. A special register earmarked for the investor industrialists must be opened for each type of chosen industry .the subscriber number as given in the master register ,serial number according to respective industry ,name and surname of the industrialist ,his address ,date of subscription ,number and date of the licensing decision  ,number and area of allotted plot ,insurance premium, amount of first advance payment the second ,date of allotment ,date of handover ,date of conclusion of contract and the amount paid as well the settled and overdue installments ….etc .the details noted down on the first page of the master register must be also noted down on the first page inAddition to begin signed and stamped.

Studying subscribers applications, allotment and delivery of plots and contracts:
A. the director general shall set up a committee consisting of five members representing the technical ,investment ,environment ,and financial departments.
Their documents ,and prepare a list of approved subscribers applications ,verify refused subscribers ,and notify them accordingly .

B. applicants whose applications have been refused shall have the right to raise an objection
With the offices of the industrial city eithin ten days from date of objection with the offices of the industrial city within ten days from date of notification ,and the submmited objects shall be presented to the city council for final decision within one week from date of submission to the council.

C. the committee shall prepare a list of the short listed applicants approved for allotment according  to their turns noted down in the master subscription register based on the priority mentioned in Article(1) of this  decision ,and in accordance with the type of industry, wherebyEach industrialist is given a turn number noted down in his allotment .the list shall be signed by .

The committee and allotment must be commensurate with the size and nature of the proposed project and on condition that the allotment does not exceed the need of the nature of the project in accordance with the licensing decision ,taking into consideration the project in accordance with The licensing decision ,taking into consideration the future expansion requirement .allotment shall take place after completing the minimum infrastructure works.

D. the committee shall prepare a table and a layout for the plots  ready for allotment depending on The  type of  industry .this information shall be included  in both the  table and the layout i.e plot number, area of the plots being allotted and the names of the industrialist s who have been allotted at the notice board of the industrial city or the subscriber industrialists to see prior to allotment And to pay an advance amount of 15%  of the value of the plot begin assigned within a time Not to exceed one day before allotment ,which must be duly notified to the persons concerned.

E. the committee shall assign the industrialists in accordance with  the final list mentioned in item d above .and each industrialist shall choose his /s he subscribed for in accordance  with his  turn in the final list after physically inspecting the plot allotted to him.

F. the committee shall prepare a table of the names  of allotted persons ,in which name and surname of the industrialists concerned, number of plot ,area ,and type of industry are noted down. the table shall thereafter be signed by the committee and director general of the industrial city ,and shall be endorsed by the chief of city council after having it presented to the council.

G. the directorate of investment and marketing shall, in accordance with the allotment  table mentioned in item f above ,prepare an allotment report for minutes for each industrialist in which the date of allotment ,name and surname of assignee ,number and area of plot as well as the type of industry….etc. the allotment report must also include a declaration by the allotted industrialist that he has been assigned the plot after inspecting of the same .he must also state that he pledges to report to the industrial city within one week from the date of the allotment report so that he be handed over his plot and the respective contract be signed .failing these measures ,the city council shall have the right to cancel the allotment without prior notification .the report shall be signed by the allotted industrialist ,the competent official ,and the chief of investment  & marketing directorate ,with a copy of the same delivered to the concerned industrialist and the original copy .
Retained by the investment & marketing directorate in the industrialist ,s file .A copy thereof shall also be handed over to the technical department .

H. the  directorate of investment & marketing shall open a file for each industrialist in which all
The documents already submitted by him during the subscription period in addition to the allotment report ,handover report ,a copy of the concluded contract ,the payments made as well as over due  payments, along with copy of the construction license and other relevant documents…..etc shall be kept.

I. the industrialist plots shall be handed over to their beneficiaries by the technical department after payment of one third  of value of the plot ,and shall prepare the appropriate handover report with all information mentioned in the allotment report included along with an industrial undertaking to report to the industrial city for signing  the sale contract and payment of the due financial obligations shall prompt the city council to cancel the subscriber's allotment and refund the amounts paid after confiscating .

J. the hand-over report shall be signed by the  technical office ,marketing department ,the buyer industrialist ,the director general .the inspection carried out by the buyer shall be regarded as comprehensive  and not subject ignorance as to the location ,its nature ,and acceptance of the allotted plot in its present situation .A copy of the minutes of the report shall be delivered to the buyer, with the original copy retained in his file.

K. the marketing and investment department shall on the responsibility of a first grade official earmark a special register properly numbered and stamped with a page assigned to each plot for
Inclusion of the entire related to that plot as well as the details thereof and the physical inspection entitlement certificate.
The insurance premium provided for in article(7) of this decision shall be regarded as part of the value of the plot once the purchase order has been approved ,and shall be refunded to owner within one month from the date of refusal in case his request  has not been approved .the insurance amount shall be confiscated in favour of the industrial city in the event of withdrawal or breach of the provisions of this decision after approval has been granted.
The council of the industrial city shall work out a mutual agreement contract with the provisions of this decision to ensure the  rights and obligation of the two contracting parties, and must include  the following details:
A. the initial contract value in addition to the increases  on the installments
B. initial price per square meter ,subject to increase and decease
C. method of payment and amount and date of payment of each installment plus
An increase of 5% per annum on due installments.

- In case the beneficiary fail to pay two installments on their due date ,he would be served notice -warning him about annulment of allotted plot within three months from the maturity date of the last installment ,and a financial fine of 1% per month of the value of installment specified in the contract for the delay period for each installment .failure to settle the overdue payment ,the contract shall be cancelled and the amounts already paid shall be refunded minus the insurance premium and the fines imposed.

- the beneficiary shall be exempted from payment of the 5% increase the installments in case
He should desire to pay the contract value all at once without installments .

-the second  party shall undertake to pay the difference between the final contract value and the initial value therefore within a period defined  by the city council after determining the price per square meter  and assessing the final price of the plot .

- the second party shall be committed not to use the plot except for what it has been  prepared for in accordance with the licensing  and designation decision ,i.e. within the confines of the same industry (chemical, textile, foodstuff or engineering) .Any violation will result in cancellation  of the contract .

-the second party shall be committed to carry out the construction license in accordance with the provision of article 9, item I of this decision. the six month from the date of allotment ,and in case of failure to carry out these obligation ,the city council shall have the right to cancel the contract and confiscate the insurance premium.
-the second party shall be committed and end his facilities ,and to commence the investment process within the period specified in the licensing decision .the city council shall have the right to extend this period .

-the second party shall be committed not to commence production until he has been issued the decision approving commencement of investment by the industrial city ,and committee shall be set up for that purpose to ensure compliance with the following requirements:

A. Implementation of industrial safety
B. completion of the facades of the building in accordance with the required conditions.
C. Abidance with the environmental control at the enterprise in accordance with the Syrian standards specifications.
-the second party shall be committed not sell, surrender or rent out the plot or any part thereof before  completing the entire construction as per designated category (chemical, textile, engineering or foodstuff)and subsequent investment ,and after obtaining the approval of the industrial city council and issuance of the administrative licensing decision as well as obtaining decision as well as obtaining the appropriate financial release .any violation of the above requirements shall result in cancellation of the contract and confiscation  of the insurance premium.
In favour of the industrial city .the industrialist in this case shall not be compensated for the cost of the facilities and the plot and all its assets shall be seized in favour of the industrial city .

--the second party shall be committed to the building system, the relevant layouts, the investment law and the technical defined at the building license.

-the right of the first  party shall be ensured in case the second
Party should apply for a loan from any bank.
-the second party(the investor) shall bear all the taxes, fees and charges incurred on conclusion of the sale contract.

-the insurance premium mentioned in the contract shall be regarded as the right of the first party in case the second party should breach the terms and conditions provided there in.

-Appropriate action taken by the city council to ensure the rights of both parties and achieve public interest shall be taken into consideration .

Second: Investment of group B plots:

the industrial city shall provide the plots allotted for construction of public building referred to in article(1) –b- to public authorities in accordance with the required area as defined in the layouts of the industrial city without reimbursement ,and the public sector  shall build and invest the offered plot at its own expense.

Third: investment of group c plots:

investment shall take place in accordance with one of the following methods after working out the required documents for the technical ,legal and financial conditions:
1.selling the land plot through public auction
2.partnership through agreement with the council
3.investment through BOT.

Fourth: investment of group D plots:
 investment under this category takes place according to mutually agreed selling contracts based upon
The final price estimated by the council of the industrial city,
Provided that the entire value paid on handover of the plot.

Fifth: investment of group E plots(housing):
land earmarked for housing shall be invested by the general housing establishment and the industrial city.
Chapter IV:
licenses shall be issued to interested investors by the management of the industrial city within 48 hours following finalization of all relevant documents and attestation of related drawings layouts by the engineers association as well as of the incurred financial fees to the industrial city.
Article (20):
the administrative license be issued to the investing industrialist by the council of the industrial city after completing all relevant documents needed for the license in accordance with the provisions of legislative decree no.57 dated 6/9/2004 and its executive instructions.
in case of cancellation of allotment for any group –a investor industrialist  as a result of violating the investment  conditions or contractual obligations, the amounts paid from value of the plot shall be paid returned minus the insurance
Premium and other financial fees related to the plot. the investor
Industrialist shall not in such a case be compensated for the cost of the constructions and other expenditures except for certain
Circumstances deemed appropriate  by the city council .
the investor industrialist in group-A plots shall not be permitted to build and invest his enterprise for purposes other
Has been defined at the licensing decision. Any contravention in this regard shall lead to cancellation  of the contract ,and the industrialist concerned shall be held fully responsible and will not be compensated for the cost of the built facilities .the entire plot along with its assets shall be confiscated in favour of the industrial city.
The industrialist investing the plots in group A shall not the rught to sell ,surrender or rent out his plot or any part thereof until after completion of construction works and investment for the purposes specified in the licensing decision
And after obtaining the approval of the industrial city council. he must also have paid all due financial obligations .failure to comply will result in cancellation of the selling contract with the industrialist concerned held fully responsible and his plot and anything thereon confiscated in favour of the industrial city.
In the event of cancellation of allotment of industrial plots for any of the subscribing investors in group A, his allotted land shall be sold in accordance with the prevailing prices of the stage during which sale and investment is taking place.
The buyer or investor shall bear all fees ,financial charges and expenditures arising from conclusion of the purchase or investment contract.
Investor industrialist of group-A plot investment shall be exempted from awaiting their land allotment turn in either of the following two cases:
A. investors desire to pay the subscribed land all at once without installment .
B. investors desire to invest in a large strategically important project with a capital of at least sp 350 million ,and that he undertakes to carry out and invest  the project within  the licensing decision.
The investor industrialist subscribing for group –a plots shall be permitted to register the ownership of the land in his name after settlement of its final price and after building and investing  his project in accordance for the purpose identified ,and the firs party shall submit the necessary documents accordingly.
The industrial city council shall have the right to propose amendments of the article of this system whenever necessary in accordance  with a decision by the minister of local administration & environment .
The status of all subscribed and allocated industrialists who have been handed over their plots prior to issuance of this decision shall be adjusted in accordance with its provisions, excluding the industrialist with whom contracts have been concluded.
This decision shall be implemented with effect from date of issuance.