In greeting of the investors whom interested in establishing industrial enterprises on the Industrial City land. The city administration will issues this index to show explain the most significant stages which are necessary to establish their enterprises whether the investor desires to establish a new project out the city and desire to invest on the city land, that is to modify the procedures, documents fees reliable in Adra industrial city.
The industrial city depend the principle of( one stop shop) to execute all services for the investors( water , electricity, telephone , fees , industrial resolution and the investment resolution No.8) with single reference which is the Industrial city administration in Adra.
Procedures to establish industrial project:
* The investor has to visit the industrial city- in vestment & marketing Dept. to get information about the areas, different industrial regions and informing him with the existing industries, essential services, sale contract, special  investment system of Adra industrial City.
* Then after informing the investors with all preceded items, he has to decide choosing the required area in comparison with the available land-piece through filling out subscription application (including the industrial license application or application form of investment resolution No.10) which is available in the Investment & Marketing Dept.
Attached documents with the subscription application:
* A copy of ID or passport.
* A certified copy of industrial resolution for those who desire to establish a new enterprises or the current industrial record for the investors who have establishments out the city or a certified copy of the decision of investment resolution No.10.It is available at one stop shop (Industrial license Dept).
* Formal voucher of payment the guarantee sum by the investor which is 4% of the whole value of the unit, the voucher available in Investment & Marketing Dept.
* The Investment &Marketing Dept .will transfer the application to the committee of installation which is formed from different technical departments to study the application and install a land and required area.
The committee of installation later issued a final list included industrials names whom installed , within one week from the data of application.
The Requirements to obtain a building license
- Investor has to call for the license and Supervision Section – Technical Dept . in the industrial city to obtain or acquire application from of building license .
-The License Section will provide the investor with sketch of the land installed (Crocky )on which the enterprise will build upon , withal information related to the building system in the industrial city and inquiries he wants .
-Investor has to call architecture office for desiging the building located on the city land , the office will provide all sketches , sign and certified them from Engineer
association after transfer sketches from the License &   Supervision Section in the Industrial City .
- Sketches has to certified from Engineer Association after getting the fees which is 150s.p / Square Meter .
- The City administration take license fees / 50s.p per square meter /
-After that the investor get the required building license and building license resolution issued by the industrial city administration.
- The maximum time to get the building license after completion the documents
including fees payment is 24 hours .
The requirements to obtain the administrative license:
-the city granting the administrative license to the industrialist after the completion of the enterprise and achieve the building and environment conditions from a committee formed from the technical department in the industrial city section which required administration license.
-Then the documents required for administration license will be completed from the license &supervision section .
-The administration license will be granted after documents completion within 48 hours.
Fees costs in adra industrial city :
square meter price:2000 s.p per square meter.