Plan for building system in Adra I industrial city:
Classes : which is the size of plot.
1st   class: 150 m2-30 m2 – 450m2 -600m2.
2nd  class: 1200 m2- 2400 m2- 3600 m2 – 4800m2.
3nd  cl3nd  class: over then 9600m2.

 The plot sides:

Front & Back sides:
1st   class: 3m(minimum) arround build area
2nd  class: 5m(minimum) arround build area
3nd  class: 10m(minimum) arround build area

The height:
class1:8m, number of floors is tow, fence of the roof  height is 60 cm/
2nd class:8m height of the administration building outside the factory as  the industrial requirements.inistration building inside the factory as the factory height.
-Number of floors: tow.
3rd class:according to industry requirements.

height levels: zero level(which is the level of the pavement or. The sewer pipe).
4the cellar :permit building a cellar on rate of 50% of the plot size.
-the roof of the cellar must be (1m) over the level zero.

-building rate:
 maximum 50% of the plot size (60% for large area plots).
minimum 35% of the plot size.

-the protrusion: must be of rate 20% from the actual plot façade ,but not to exceed than 2 meters ,and not to build the protrusion on the obligatory facades.

- the fence:
- the fence (1m separated from the street , made of blocks covered with  stones and iron).
- the fence with neighbors(2m)height builds of blocks and covered  with white clay.
- minimum one tree per 50m2 as shetches.

-garret & half floor:
- permit building the great and half floor upon the baths.
- the building sides : permit to emptying one of the sides to those  who obtain cellar building permission , but to start the ramp after 3m from the front side of the building.   

- th- permit building a guard room for the 2nd class with size of 12m2.
- permit building a guard room for the 3rd class with size of 12m2 for each entrance.
Sketches transfer:
The schedule must be put on the sketches:
-The name of the plot owner.
-The plot number.
-The plot size .
-The class.
-The industry.
-Planning region :the industrial city.
-Machines site schedule on the land prpjection.
-The general location :shows the size of the plot sides .
-Cadastres schedule +fence height.
Electrical study:
-Work force electrical study shows the sites of machines and equipments with capacities schedule.
-Lighting capacities with full capacity.
-Adding grounding account: either in separate memo or agreement on studying.
-Returning capacity compensation condensers must be fixed on the studying.
-Study original certification.